ABN - ang

Projektiranje, konstrukcija in inženiring procesne opreme

Design, construction & engineering of process equipment

Проектирование, строительство и инженерные технологического оборудования

ABN  is a plant designer and engin-eering company providing core capabilities, based on membrane separation and thermal separation technologies that enable the food, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry to set up new industrial processes and products. ABN provide novel processes for the separation, fractionation, purification or isolation of all classes of molecules.


ABN can supply turn-key process plants. All important services related to plant design and construction are provided by qualified specialists in-house. The process engineering department develops the process, projects department handles all mechanical issues and ensures the timely delivery of the complete system.


ABN recent projects
Large scale microfiltration unit
• 250 m2 filtration area
• 9 loops
• Uniform transmembrane pressure system
• Ceramic membranes
• 800 kW installed power
• Fully automated with PLC and SCADA