ABN - ang

Projektiranje, konstrukcija in inženiring procesne opreme

Design, construction & engineering of process equipment

Проектирование, строительство и инженерные технологического оборудования




In the large field of evaporation, ABN has concentrated its efforts on film and thermosyphone evaporation technology, as used in organic chemistry to produce high purity products by evaporation, distillation or stripping. Thin film evaporation is required for viscous and/or heat sensitive products.


Our thin film technology includes process equipment with static films, such as rising film and falling film evaporators.



The liquid film is created by gravity.


The main features and characteristics of the falling film evaporator are: 

  •  Special liquid distribution system
  •  Short residence time (5-10 s)
  •  High heat transfer rates


  •  evaporation of heat sensitive products
  •  purification of spent solvents
  •  reboilers for vacuum distillation columns


  •  sizes from 0.3 to 80 m2
  •  single pass or with recirculation
  •  vapours co-current or counter- current