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Projektiranje, konstrukcija in inženiring procesne opreme

Design, construction & engineering of process equipment

Проектирование, строительство и инженерные технологического оборудования

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Ceramic Membranes


We are an OEM of Pall -  Exekia, Membralox®  Membrane Product to supply systems using their sintered ceramic cross-flow membranes. These membranes are designed to stand-up to the  most demanding process filtration challenges with separations down to 0.02 micron (lower cut-offs available).The Membralox®  ceramic membrane is an asymmetric multichannel membrane composed a porous support and a filtering layer.


The support is the most porous part of the membrane and provides mechanical strength while enhancing flow performance. The active layer lines the inside surface of the filtration channels and is in direct contact with the fluid to be treated. Of minute thickness, it is usually bedded on an intermediate layer and lends the asymmetric membrane its selectivity and separation efficiency.


Membranes based on a mineral medium are known as third generation membranes and offer a number of advantages including resistance to temperatures in excess of 100°C across the entire pH  range, resistance to pressures of more than 10 bars, compatibility with highly viscous fluids and enhanced ease of cleaning and sterilization.