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Projektiranje, konstrukcija in inženiring procesne opreme

Design, construction & engineering of process equipment

Проектирование, строительство и инженерные технологического оборудования

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Dairy Applications


Membrane filtration is an established processing step in many dairy applications. It is also a highly viable alternative to other traditional processing methods. But more importantly, perhaps, membrane filtration offers a range of possibilities for production of exciting, new dairy products.


ABN supplies the best of membrane filtration technology for dairy processes such as:



• Concentration

• Protein and casein standardisation

• Milk protein concentrate (MPC)

• Milk protein isolate (MPI)

• Bacteria removal

• Protein fractionation

• Feta and other white cheese

• Quark, cream cheese etc. from  fermented milk cream



• Concentration of UF permeate

• Deminaralisation of UF permeate

• Polishing of RO/NF permeate


• Concentration

• Demineralisation

• Whey protein concentrate (WPC)

• Whey protein isolate (WPI)

• Bacteria and fat removal

• Recovery of whey proteins for cheese milk




• Recovery of water and product residues from rinse water

• Purification of cheese brine

• Purification and reuse of CIP solution

• Polishing of evaporator condensate