ABN - ang

Projektiranje, konstrukcija in inženiring procesne opreme

Design, construction & engineering of process equipment

Проектирование, строительство и инженерные технологического оборудования




ABN is a plant designer and engineering company providing core capabilities, based on membrane separation and thermal separation technologies that enable the food, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry to set up new industrial processes and products. ABN provide novel processes for the separation, fractionation, purification or isolation of all classes of molecules.


Regardless of what membrane and thermal technologies can do at a given point in time, value lies in coming up with a good end product or process design. Such a design is fundamentally about bringing a synthesis among many different options. If good science is about creativity in analysis, good design involves making creative trade-offs and exercising judgment over a large number of variables. Our customers do not merely buy a product, they buy an effect, and ABN delivers this effect in the most effective manner possible.


ABN is capable of combining various unit operations to find the most economic process route. Creative selection and combination of various unit operations, process optimisation using modern computer simulation ChemCad Process software and qualified engineers give a guarantee for optimum overall solutions. ABN designs and builds complete plants, both site build or skid mounted, using the most recent process design tools. Considerable experience has been gathered in the fields of distillation, evaporation, membrane technology, fermentation equipment.